Setting goals.

A lively enterprise will always be changing. But at times more is needed: Setting new goals. Reassessing a long-term course. Changing structures. Co-operations. Alliances. Acquisitions. Dr. Rees Management Consulting provides all necessary know-how in strategic planning.

Dr. Rees Management Consulting offers its services to medium and large companies in the raw materials, capital goods and consumer goods sectors, including corresponding service industries. Typically, companies of that size will only occasionally need to change strategic direction. Economically, therefore, it makes little sense for such a company to permanently maintain an experienced in-house strategic planning team. On the other hand, the executive management will hardly be able to devote enough time to such tasks when they occur.

The efficient and economical solution to the dilemma: commission external capacity and expertise just when it is needed. The consulting firm operates on a quasi-integrated basis and co-operates closely with the in-house team, thus making best use of the company’s existing resources. This also applies where corporations have their own planning staff, but where occasional special tasks such as corporate acquisitions or strategic alliances demand extra capacity or qualification input.